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We believe that communication is part of daily life and cannot be considered separately from other activities. At Para Meadows School, we work towards ensuring every student has an effective communication system. Communication systems directly influence the success of our personal interactions, our involvement in activities, and our ability to make decisions.

The role of communication partners

A communication partner is anyone who talks or interacts with another person. We are all communication partners.

It is important that all communication partners have a shared understanding of how someone communicates. People with complex communication needs are supported when communication partners identify and use the communication methods that work best for each individual.

At Para Meadows School, we practise being effective communication partners by using the following strategies:

  • identify the methods the person uses to communicate.
  • demonstrate respect and presume competence.
  • gain and maintain attention.
  • talk about things that are interesting and relevant to the here and now.
  • cue the person with complex communication needs to initiate a response.
  • offer choices.
  • keep sentences short.
  • support the student with complex communication needs to develop his or her communication skills across a range of environments and with different people.
  • listen attentively.

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Some of the communication systems used at Para Meadows School include:

  • Proloquo2Go iPad application
  • LAMP devices
  • switches
  • voice output devices
  • Visual communication systems
  • Key word sign
  • Smooth talker
  • Super talker
  • EyeGaze technology.

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