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Guided reading

During this block of learning the focus is on reading comprehension skills. It is this time of the day when the teacher reads to students with a set purpose. The block included:

  • establishment of the purpose for reading and building backround knowledge
  • choral reading, echo reading, partner reading and shared reading
  • determining successful achievement of the set purpose through discussion, questioning, acting out the story and writing connected to the reading
  • the use of topic boards and aided language displays.

The guided reading block aims to:

  • teach comprehension skills and strategies
  • teach students how to read different types of literature
  • develop background knowledge, oral language and meaning of vocabulary
  • maintain the self-confidence and motivation of struggling readers by utilising before, during and after-reading activities.

A literacy plan helps guided purpose questions for the daily guided reading session. These are differentiated to suit the needs of individual students and the class structure. See examples of guided reading purposes within sample literacy plans on the four ways to literacy page.