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Four ways to literacy


At Para Meadows School, literacy instruction has been developed around the 4 blocks literacy model, author Cheryl Mahaffey Sigmon. This model allows for flexibility and has the ability to be multi-leveled, as wel as providing interesting and engaging lessons for all students, both verbal and those with complex communication needs.

Repetition with variety

Our philosophy centres on the delivery of quality literary experiences for all students though a wide range of text type and genres. We aim to present literature that is age appropriate and developmentally appropriate, while maintaining a consistent approach to literacy instruction from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The four blocks; guided reading, self-selected reading, writing and working with words, represent the four different approaches to teaching children to read. By working within each of the four blocks every day we aim to provide an instructional model that suits the diverse learning needs of indivisual students.

Examples of four blocks literacy plan: